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We believe in quality, autonomy, and humanity


When you hire CGL, you’ll be receiving first-rate legal support. Each of our attorneys has exceptional track-records and years of experience working in big law, in-house, and government offices. Additionally, they enjoy unmatched freedom in their job, which means they’re not only experts in law, but also motivated and engaged.


At CGL, we’ve revolutionized the way we practice law. All of our attorneys have the liberty to choose their schedules and work from anywhere in the world. Because of this autonomy, we can offer you world-class, customizable service any time you need it.


CGL believes our attorneys are our most valuable asset. After years of witnessing substandard service due to overworked and undervalued employees, we decided it was time to reimagine the legal workspace. Our firm cares about the well-being of our attorneys, giving them the support they need so that they can deliver the type of results that make both you, and them, happy.

Before founding CGL, Hannah and Noam witnessed first-hand the negative effects of practicing law at the highest level.

For Hannah, it was after the birth of her son. Working for a prestigious law firm, she realized that regardless of how much she accomplished, it was never quite enough. Additionally, the extra workload she was required to take on left her sacrificing family time. This fueled the belief that there must be a better way to honor both her professional and personal life.

For Noam, she enjoyed her work with a Global 50 law firm, but she questioned whether Big Law was truly for her. She wanted to explore other options and use her abilities in a different environment. After deep consideration, she left the firm and began working for a startup in San Francisco.

Yet, despite questioning the traditional model by which law is practiced, they were both still deeply passionate about the legal vocation. But for many, that passion is not enough. Because of extreme pressure put on high-level attorneys, many men and women, unwilling to make endless compromises in the immeasurable pursuit upwards, either burn-out or leave.

As a result, law firms suffer alarmingly high attrition rates, wasting millions of dollars scrambling to replace top talent each year. Clients also struggle with this turnover, having spent time and energy building relationships with their attorneys only to have them leave. Law firms, clients, and attorneys incur heavy losses, and yet, the status quo persists.

That’s precisely why Hannah and Noam decided to create something different. CGL was born with the idea of giving its attorneys an unprecedented level of freedom and autonomy. This meant allowing them to choose where they worked and commit to a set number of hours each week. It was a success, and now, CGL offers on-demand legal services for companies and law firms alike.

At CGL, our clients work with attorneys trained at premier law firms across the country, including Fortune 100 companies and top government organizations. Additionally, clients enjoy highly competitive pricing as our firm lacks the costly overhead associated with traditional law offices.

Whether you’re a law firm looking for additional support, or a company seeking a trusted partner to handle your legal needs, we’d love to work with you.

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