Episode 027: Key IP Issues for Startups

February 17, 2022

Intellectual property (IP) provides a competitive advantage for tech companies, whether it’s their main source of generating profits or they’re establishing the business’s value. However, many of these companies mistakenly believe that patents are the only form of IP and IP protection, but it’s not. They don’t realize they also own other potentially valuable IP. Therefore, early IP protection is critical for startups, especially before they publicly launch their products and services. 



In this episode, we talk you through some key IP issues we encounter in our representation of founders, startups, and entrepreneurs. We know it’s not the sexiest legal topic. But the consequences for making some of these common IP mistakes are huge.  


In this episode, you will hear:

  • Identifying what IP you own and available mechanisms for protection
  • Examples of IP types and those not eligible for IP protection
  • Creating appropriate confidentiality protections
  • Limiting disclosure as necessary
  • Failure to establish clear ownership of valuable IP
  • Where do the IP rights belong?
  • Drafting poorly drafted IP agreements or no IP agreements

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