A Chat with CGL Partner Jenny Gumer on BigLaw, Parenthood, and Cannabis

November 24, 2020

CGL Partner Jenny Gumer leads our Regulatory and Compliance Practice where she provides strategic counseling and legal advice to clients in production industries. Prior to joining us, Jenny worked in BigLaw for more than six years, becoming an Adjunct Professor in Bioethics on the side. 

She’s incredibly bright, down to earth, and one of the most talented lawyers we know. In addition to being a trailblazer in the legal world of cannabis regulation, she’s also a (relatively new) mother. 

CGL Founders Noam and Hannah sat down with Jenny to discuss the pivotal lessons learned during their transition from BigLaw to CGL:  


The power of a ‘fake it til you make it’ mentality

Jenny came to us with a passion for and education in Bioethics, as well as a legal curiosity for the emerging cannabis industry. Initially, she expected we’d turn down her proposal to build a cannabis practice, but we welcomed it and basically told her to build it. 

Now, considering many attorneys leave BigLaw with a lack of confidence, building an entire practice in an emerging industry is daunting. BigLaw attorneys often feel reliant on the experienced partners, with many uncertain about their ability to practice without the oversight of these big names. But, Jenny quickly learned the power of faking it until she very much made it in the cannabis regulatory space.  


The perks of fluidity and balance as a mother in law

Becoming a mother is a big deal – and returning to work as soon as possible to then make up for lost time can massively impact the fulfillment and enjoyment you glean from work. 

The fluid culture at CGL – where lawyers are given the space to step away from their role and spend time with children (or pursuing other lifestyles, hobbies, or passions) –  prompted Jenny to discover more play and creativity in her practice of law. 

We all feel that fluidity and balance make us better attorneys since it’s what we need to feel engaged in our work and driven to get our clients better results.


Being yourself – and a lawyer

Dovetailing from the discussion about fluidity and balance, Jenny has found immense value in being able to be herself – as well as an attorney. Her pursuit of her passion for Bioethics has led her to become an esteemed scholar. She is now in her third year as an Adjunct Professor to Master’s students. 

This balance is what CGL strives to embody. And it’s what makes us (as people, and as attorneys) interesting, engrossing, and worth hiring!   

To hear more about the alternative workspace we’re creating and what that looks like for attorneys and professionals looking for something different, check out  https://cgl-llp.com/podcasts/cgl002.



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