CGL’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

January 6, 2022

2021 was another unusual year for us all, but we’re incredibly proud of what CGL achieved throughout the year. We gained 3 new, wonderful, and very worthy Partners, closed our largest deal yet, and we’ve grown enough to hire multiple new attorneys. 

We took a look back over CGL’s Top 10 blog posts for 2021 to see what resonated with our readers. Check them out: 


#1 – VC Financing: Common Legal Issues for Startups

VC financing. It’s competitive, idealized, and often seen as quite a sexy way to raise funds as a startup. But the reality is that it can be fraught with danger for founders – particularly if you don’t fully grasp the future consequences of ceding control in the early stages. You’ll always need to balance terms, conditions, & strings attached against the valuation being offered. Here are some common legal issues to consider when looking at VC financing:

VC Financing: Common Legal Issues & What Your Startup Can Do About Them


#2 – The Complete Guide to Startup Law

This is our long-form article outlining key issues across 7 major legal areas to help founders avoid common (and high-consequence) pitfalls in the early stages of a startup. 

Read the article:-

The Complete Guide to Startup Law


#3 – What’s Happening With the ABC Test in California?

Independent contractor status was in the news quite a lot last year. A 2021 California Supreme Court case again put independent contractors back in the spotlight – with the ABC test being applied retroactively to certain pending cases. This update provides answers to some FAQs about AB5 and the ABC test in California:

What’s happening with the ABC test in California?


#4 – You May Need To Reimburse Employees for COVID-19 Leave Under SB 95

The paid leave entitlements have now lapsed, but this article made an impression on our readers during the time the requirements were in force. 

You May Need to Reimburse Employees for COVID-19 Leave Under SB95


#5 – The 5 Key Clauses You Should Have In Your Supply Chain Contracts

Published in late 2020, this article outlined how companies can develop more robust, resilient, and reliable supply chains. Given the immense and ongoing supply chain issues the US is still facing, we’re not surprised to see this article in our top 10 for 2021.

The 5 Key Clauses You Should Have in Your Supply Chain Contracts


#6 – Solving Female Attorney Attrition With Holistic Promotion Standards

This article was a passion piece for us, and we’re delighted that it ranked amongst our most-read pieces (even though it technically came out late in 2020). Women attorneys face so many challenges in climbing the corporate ladder. We hope this article helps law firms do better and empowers female attorneys across the US to assess their options and find a model of legal practice that works for them. 

Solving Female Attorney Attrition with Holistic Promotion Standards


#7 – COVID Vaccines In The Workplace: Issues, Concerns & FAQs Answered! 

We covered whether employers can implement vaccine mandates (spoiler, they can), how to do so, and whether they should do so in this 2021 article. Given how controversial and misunderstood the topic is, we’re hopeful that the readers of this article were better informed after reading it. 

COVID Vaccines in the Workplace: Issues, Concerns & FAQs Answered!


#8 – Privacy Tips for Choosing Third-Party Providers (Based On The Massive Accellion Breach)

Privacy has (again) been a huge topic in 2021. With privacy and data breaches becoming more prevalent and more expensive, we hope our coverage of the Accellion Breach and the key lessons from it helped our readers.

3 Tips for Choosing Third-Party Providers (based on the massive Accellion breach)


#9 – Dark Patterns And Your Website: Are You Breaching California Privacy Law?

Another privacy topic! California banned the use of dark patterns earlier in 2021, and this article provided a brief definition of dark patterns, as well as how to avoid (or remove) them. 

If you’re interested in this, keep an eye out for our weekly mailout! We’ve got a follow-up article scheduled to be drafted in the coming weeks! 

Dark patterns and your website: are you breaching California privacy law?


#10 – The Perks of Employee Performance and Promotion Guidelines

Recent case law in California has highlighted the importance of open communications about employment decisions, including promotions, raises, and bonuses – particularly when it comes to defending lawsuits and engaging employees. With these compelling reasons for implementing a robust employee advancement policy in mind, here are some of the features you should include:

The Perks of Employee Performance and Promotion Guidelines


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