The Birth of the Law Firm CGL

November 20, 2020

Before founding CGL, Hannah Genton and Noam Cohen witnessed first-hand the negative effects of practicing law at the highest level.

For Hannah, it was after the birth of her son. Working for a prestigious law firm, she realized that regardless of how much she accomplished, it was never quite enough. Additionally, the extra workload she was required to take on meant sacrificing family time. And this fueled her belief that there must be a better way to honor both her professional and personal life.

For Noam, although she enjoyed her work with a Global 50 law firm, she began to question whether Big Law was truly for her. She wanted to explore other options and use her abilities in a different environment. Eventually, she left the firm and began working for a startup in San Francisco.


The Negative Impact of Rising Attrition Rates in the Practice of Law

Despite questioning the traditional model by which law is practiced, Hannah and Noam were still deeply passionate about the legal vocation. 

But for many, that passion is not enough. Due to the extreme pressure put on high high-level attorneys, many men and women, who are unwilling to make endless compromises in the immeasurable pursuit upwards, either experience burnout or leave.

As a result, law firms suffer alarmingly high attrition rates, wasting millions of dollars scrambling to replace top talent each year. 

Clients struggle with this turnover as well. They spend considerable time and energy building relationships with their attorneys only to have them leave. 

Ultimately, law firms, clients, and attorneys all incur heavy losses, and yet, the status quo persists.


The Birth of CGL

Having experienced the harsh, hustle-on-steroids environment that’s common in the traditional model of the practice of law, Hannah and Noam realized how it did not align with their values. 

Especially faced with the struggles of balancing parenthood and their practice – two things most important to them – and aware of how the market can be a zero-sum game where you have to either work full-time or you’re out of the game, and there’s no in-between, Hannah and Noam were committed to finding a better, more innovative way to balance their careers with their other priorities. They wanted to create a space for everyone.


An Innovative Model to Better Serve Clients

With this creative model, clients now have access to talents they otherwise would not have access to. They pair the clients with the attorneys that have the bandwidth and the capability to service their needs. 

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