How to Find Self-Confidence By Discovering Your True Self and Your Greatest Potential

April 9, 2021

Everyone wants to reach their fullest potential. Whether you are looking to expand on your success or you are on your way to success, a big part of the journey is getting out of your own way. 

Because that journey can be daunting, we need some help. Mollie Eliasof fills that need as a private consultant. She helps people reach their fullest potential by helping them feel more confident and more like themselves. 

In our recent conversation with Mollie, she taught us keys for finding self-confidence, learning about who we truly are, and reaching our potential.

How to Find Inner Security

In order to take risks, we first need to develop an inner sense of security. To do so, first look for the places in your life where you do have security. 

Mollie often leads her clients to recall the things they have accomplished in their lives. If you remind yourself that you’ve done those things, you will feel more secure. It will empower you to pivot or do them again. 

Guard against thinking about what you don’t have or what you think you can’t have. Instead, focus your attention on what you do have and on what makes you feel the most stable and secure.


When you go through unsettling, uncertain, or tragic times, you learn how to survive. Somehow, you find a way to manage all of the unknowns. 

Many of us have experienced that while navigating the pandemic over the past year. If you have made it this far, you have developed resiliency. 

Resiliency is simply the ability to get through whatever comes your way. It means taking things one day at a time, learning to cope, and keeping on.

Unrealistic Cultural Expectations

We live in a time where everyone’s accomplishments are broadcast for all the world to see. We are overwhelmed with the success of others. 

What if we were to notice and celebrate the smallest of accomplishments in our lives? If we start small, our contentment and ability to love ourselves will grow over time. 

On the other hand, the pressure to do it all is unrealistic. No matter how happy or successful someone appears, everything is not right in their life. Because of this, we just need to focus on ourselves. Consider the one area of your life that could be improved and take the first small step to improve it.

To learn more about becoming your true self, check out Episode 019: Unlocking Your Potential with Mollie Eliasof.


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