How to Reduce Your Stress At Work

April 2, 2021

Our goal at CGL is to change the narrative around work. We want to create a thoughtful and conscious work environment. 

Changing our lives starts with changing the narrative we tell ourselves. This is one of the hardest things to change, but it is a worthwhile mission.

I recently discussed this with Jenny Gumer, one of the partners here at the firm. She had a recent experience with burnout that caused her to consider how to reduce the stress in her life. This led her to implement 3 new stress-reducing actions:

1. Turning off notifications

When you turn off your notifications, you are in control. You can still check your email and other applications, but you aren’t looking at them in response to a notification. 

Notifications are designed to catch our attention, so even if we are in the middle of something important, they will pull us away. When we break our concentration, it takes us more time to get back to that focused state. This translates to a lack of productivity and efficiency. However, when we turn off notifications, we will be more intentional and conscious. We will be able to focus on the task at hand and see it to completion. 

Notifications also have an impact on the body. They trigger stress to the body by inducing a flight or fight response and releasing stress hormones.

2. Email management

Jenny recommends creating a separate folder for all emails that aren’t directly addressed to you. If you are just CC’d on an email, it should go to that separate folder. 

This declutters your inbox in a way that helps you be better about responding to emails. It also prevents emails from slipping through the cracks, as you have fewer of them to filter through. 

All of this will reduce your stress levels, as well. You can go into the CC emails folder once an hour and, when you do, you’ll be less stressed. 

3. Making time for wellness routines

When we are busy, the first things to go are usually our health and wellness routines. However, those are actually the things we should prioritize when we’re busy. They are the very tools that will help manage and reduce our stress. 

The more stressed we are, the less clearly we think. However, when we’re consistently practicing our health and wellness routines, we will be less stressed and therefore more efficient. So, even if we’re busy, these routines open up more time for ourselves by increasing our efficiency.

To learn more about managing your stress and increasing your productivity, check out Episode 018: Spring Cleaning Work Stressors.


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